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It's not the message that keeps you here.

.we don't know how we survived.
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Essentially, this is a community for boys, who like boys, and boys, who like girls, and girls who like boys… who like hardcore, indie, screamo, emo, whatever name you’d like to put on your specific sub-genre of music. This isn’t a place for music snobbery, it’s for lads and lasses who get their jollies by watching boys take off their skivvies.

If you’re into the aforementioned musical styling, and you like taking of your underoos, give it a go. If you know boys who are interested, point them in this direction. Fully-clothed, partially clothed, unabashedly naked; we do not discriminate. Cheers.

I do, however, have to insist that you only join if you're 18 or above. This is for livejournal safety, as well as your own. I have to make sure everybody's profile says they're at least 18 years of age, or I'll have to remove you from the community. If you are under 18 you are not allowed to join or post photos to this community. Sorry. And if you're posting more than 2 pics, or if the one pic you're posting is rather large and you know it will take a decent amount of load time, lj-cut it. Thank you.

no advertising, please. not looking for our entries to be riddled with ratings community links/porno advertisements.