hypocrite (longshot_dreams) wrote in suicide_boys,

alright folks, i'm sure you all noticed our blackout for a few days. but we're back. however, we're going to have to be a bit more strict in everything we do. starting now, all posts made will be friends-only. if you want to look you'll have to join. also, i'm going through the member list once more. if your birthdate isn't fully displayed, or if you are underage you will be deleted. that said, i don't see why this still won't be an awesome place to be & look at boys. as changing every entry to friends-only would take me years, i am going to delete every entry from 2004 and try to make all of the ones since friends-only. we'll see how well that works out.

sorry for any inconvenience. keep up the posting.

edit: it seems everything has to go. i'm sorry. but the only remedy is to post more pictures!

and, i know a lot of people are joining right now. you will be processed and added once i'm done editing the posts.
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